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Wow, @oneclout is awesome! Auto posted my content to deso with the image
awesome great job! I love your service and it just keeps getting better. :)
Shout out to my #WritingCommunity family on Twitter, come check out BitClout. Home for content creators. And using @oneclout you post on multiple social media apps at once. One post. Quicker interaction with your readers,more time to write!
Thanks @oneclout and @cloutfeed - cross posting multiple images from #bitclout to twitter works perfectly!
I guess using @oneclout pays off! 🔥🚀

I did get your much appreciated follow from @RajLahoti after all! 😁❤️🤝
@oneclout has the best support!!!
Just went on Twitter & saw my Bitclout posts thanks to @oneclout .... I feel so exposed in all the right ways 😜
Thanks to the team for making this happen!
I'd like to take a moment to give a shoutout to @oneclout for their amazing work. The way posts import to #twitter now is actually really slick visually compared to the early days. Highly recommend for all people on #bitclout who also use other socials.
Hey everyone & @balajis check out @oneclout now you can just post from BitClout and it goes to Twitter - with a link back to your post on BitClout. Great for user adoption!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

It's very easy! You sign-up using your Twitter and DeSo accounts and OneClout will connect them. When you tweet, OneClout will send it automatically to DeSo. No action needed!

But I don't want to send all my tweets to DeSo!

No problem! In your Dashboard you can customize the behavior. You may choose to send to DeSo:
a) all your tweets
b) only those that contain a given #tag
c) all your tweets except those that contain a given #tag

How can I link to my tweet from DeSo?

In your Dashboard you may choose whether to automatically include a link to your tweet.

How about retweets and quoted tweets?

In your Dashboard you may choose whether to send your retweets and quoted tweets to DeSo.